In 1962 a group of investors and developers called Project Fontana, Inc. headed by Fred Gartz, of Lake Geneva, developed the multi-million-dollar resort complex. Twenty acres of swamp land were dredged to form the Abbey Harbor and Abbey Hotel. The beach and roadway in Fontana were expanded and the ground was broken for the construction of the home anchorage of the marina. The marina was opened to boaters in 1963.  Some of the original members of 1963 are still active boaters in the Yacht Club today. The process that some lifestyles never change, never lose their values, and never get boring.

It was designed and built with one thought in mind, to serve the boating world with quiet and safe anchorage in a setting with services and facilities that are unequaled, located on beautiful Geneva Lake.

The Yacht Club was formed in 1965. The Abbey Marina accommodates 407 vessels. In 1995 the marina was converted to a Dockominium, at which time 234 units were sold to members of the public. The remaining 173 units continue to be available for rental through Gordy’s Lakefront Marine.

The Yacht Club has seen many changes through the years and has now adapted into the club we now see and love. The club in 2014 merged with the Abbey Harbor Yacht Club which operated the West End Bar. A bar that is available only to its members.

Since the merge of the two clubs and now operating under the one flag we have seen the tremendous growth of the membership within the harbor. We are hosting numerous social events throughout the season to get more boaters involved with the club. We still hang our hats on our involvement with the COSI Boat Day.