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Abbey Marina | 271 Fontana Blvd. | P.O.Box#77 | Fontana, WI | Tel: 262.394.5544 | Fax: 262.394.5546

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Featured Amenities:

Cable / Telephone:

  • Charter Communications: 262.275.9710

Mail & Message Service:

  • Mail & Message board is located in Harbor House and you name will appear on board if you have messages or mail.

Private Gear Box:

  • Each slip has its own dock box.
  • Locks are not provided.

Weather Information:

  • If you call the Harbor House office one of the attendants will be able to give that information.

Waste Collection:

  • Garbage is collected every morning and checked periodically throughout the day. Recycling & Waste Recepticles are located around the perimeter of the interior marina.  The blue garbage cans a re located on the South & West Walls.

Pump- Out Service

  • $7.00 and available at the gas docks.


  • Each slip has a shared water spigot.


  • Available for purchase at the harbor house or by the gas pier.


  • AA slips have 50 amp services. AB & C Slips have 30 AMP 125 volts.

Private Parking:

  • Located behind the building through card access only.


  • Private security service on nightly.


  • Located next to the launch ramps.

Wireless Internet:

  • There is wireless internet that goes throughout the entire marina.